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SINCE 2013

Moola Forum was started exclusively for a small group of luxury lifestyle and private wealth managers in 2013 with an aim at providing guides and super high-quality information on a variety of topics covering luxury marketing to high-net-worth individuals in Asia.

With the rise of technology in 2019, Moola Forum opened its network not only to luxury lifestyle consultants and private wealth advisers to HNWIs but also to luxury brands and companies that provide luxury products and luxury services to the growing population of HNWIs in Asia. Moola Forum now hosts conferences and local networking events.


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Moola Forum Reveals Money-Making Online Businesses

April 8, 2019

The most secretive group of Internet marketers known in Moola Forum as "Brown Money Makers" whose focus now is luxury marketing to HNWIs has sent a special newsletter to the community revealing the list of online businesses that generated approximately $500 million in the last 5 years. The list detailed the step-by-step process on how to generate leads and offer products and services to the target audience through all techniques of digital marketing. Now that they’re members of the super elite club and that the figure they made is just ¼ of their quarterly profits from luxury products and services they sell to high net-worth individuals in Asia, they made a special forum called Money Generators to let other online money makers learn from them. This forum is open to all users in Moola Forum. It allows everyone to post questions on topics opened by members of Brown Money Makers.

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Philippine Luxury Meetup - July 2019

April 12, 2019

Philippine Luxury Meetup - July 2019 is a Local Luxury Meetup in the Philippines that will feature official announcement about the "Philippine Luxury Conference 2019" and Q&A portion with Moola Forum regarding the Luxury Conferences in Asia as well as the International Luxury Conferences worldwide. This 4-hour meetup also features meeting with different luxury lifestyle consultants and private wealth advisers to high net-worth individuals in the Philippines, representatives from various luxury brands, founders and owners of new luxury providers, luxury marketers, and HNWIs.

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