About Moola Forum: Luxury, Wealth, & Power In Asia

Asia's International Luxury Conference
Asia's International Luxury Conference

Moola Forum is Asia’s most exclusive ultra-premium forum for high-profile luxury industry leaders, money makers, HNWIs & UHNWIs, the billionaires, and world’s most powerful leaders.

Today, Moola Forum plans and manages special summits, congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, private meetups, and closed-door networking events for heirs & heiresses of HNW & UHNW family dynasties, luxury lifestyle consultants, wealth management advisors and managers, investment bankers, private equity investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, c-level executives, and luxury affiliate marketers.

The world’s only forum with guest list kept secret and heavily protected

Moola Forum provides super high-quality information on a wide variety of topics from luxury industry to wealth and power. It’s the world’s most secretive team of organizers that ensures absolute confidentiality and utmost privacy of guest list kept secret and heavily protected.

In 2013, Moola Forum was started exclusively for a small group of luxury lifestyle consultants and private wealth management advisors to HNWIs and UHNWIs with an aim at providing guides on luxury marketing and discussing highly-classified information about the millionaires’ investment portfolios, their business empires in Asia and Europe, and other never-before-heard activities with their family and people in their inner circle — for custom-tailored business development and high-level marketing purposes.