Angel Investors

Angel Investors
Angel Investors

Angel Investors or Seed Investors provide early stage financing or seed investment to a startup while it's being founded or being developed without recording any sales revenue yet. Of the three levels and categories of investors, this is the first level of investors.

Angel Investors invest from US$10,000 to US$5,000,000 while using an instrument called a SAFE, which stands for Simple Agreement for Future Equity.

Angel Investors are entrepreneurs who founded their own companies and had successful exits.

Angel Investors take risk and expect extreme risk and high chance of losing all money in this type of investment.

On average, seed investments can return 100x or more when they work (they often go to zero).

Angels and seed investors focus more on qualitative factors such as who the founders are, high-level reasons why the business should be a big success, and ideas about product-market fit.

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