Brown Money Makers’ Affiliate Marketing Meetup

Brown Money Makers Affiliate Marketing Meetup

Brown Money Makers' Affiliate Marketing Meetup is the most exclusive luxury affiliate marketing meetup, which is attended by affiliate marketers and is hosted by Brown Money Makers from the Philippines. Brown Money Makers are members of the super exclusive organization of Asia's 7ers. Their team is the living legend in the Philippine Affiliate Marketing industry who generated $500 million from 2013 to 2018 with focus on luxury products and services.

The meetup which happens in a 1,000-square-meter private mansion at North Forbes Park in Makati City, Philippines on September 27, 2019 allows Affiliate Marketers to have face-to-face conversations with every Brown Money Maker and some members from 7ers.

All questions related to affiliate marketing in the luxury industry are entertained from targeting the market to planning strategies and execution of campaigns.

Follow-up questions are to be accommodated through emails, which will be discussed by Brown Money Makers on their upcoming Luxury Affiliate Marketing Conference before this year ends. Stay tuned for more information at Moola Forum!

As usual, guest list is kept secret. Asia's social etiquette must be observed by every guest. Protocols are mandatory in the presence of dignitaries and members of Asia's royal families. Etiquette & Protocol Guidebook is automatically provided to the guest upon confirmation of attendance.

Who Can Attend

  1. An active affiliate marketer based in the Philippines
  2. Strictly Filipinos and Indians

To reserve a seat, contact us.