Private Equity Investors

Private Equity Investors
Private Equity Investors

Private Equity Investors or Private Equity Providers or Private Equity Firms invest when a company has gone beyond generating revenue and developed profitable margins, stable cash flow, and is able to service a significant amount of debt. Of the three levels and categories of investors, this is the third level of investors.

Private Equity Investors invest from US$100,000,000 to US$10,000,000,000. They invest equity, but also borrow a significant amount of money to enhance their levered rate of return or Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

Private Equity Investors are typically more weighted towards ex-investment bankers and corporate development types, or experienced corporate operators.

Private Equity Investors take risk and expect moderate risk and low chance of losing all money.

On average, Private Equity Firms seek 20% or higher IRRs (only a very small number of investments go to zero).

Private Equity Firms look at key financial metrics, including EBITDA, cash flow, free cash flow, and, ultimately, what IRR they believe they can achieve.

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