Royal Etiquette & Business Protocols You Should Follow

A wrong impression in a public gathering can scar you and your business for life, and to avoid unwanted situations there is a need to learn how members of the Royal family and Top Executives behave in important business forums, meetups, and gatherings. It would help you advance your business and quality of life in general. After all, business and investments rely on the ability to communicate well- and in the best possible way.

Dress Modestly and for the Occasion

There is no amount of curtsy that can save you from a distasteful attire. When it comes to meeting Royalty, elite clients and Top Executives the right fashion is the key. Make sure that your fashion sense is functional yet classy. You can wear different colors, textures, and patterns just make sure that you will not look vulgar in it. Take a cue from the British Royals like Kate Middleton- it is possible to look alluring and decent at the same time. Dress appropriately and for the occasion, always use the right type of bag as well. There are different types of bags that you can use during formal occasions, events and business meetings. Learn to include clutch bags as part of your attire when wearing gowns, and learn to make use of quality attache case for meetings.

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Learn About Proper Tea and Coffee Etiquette

No matter what country you are in, you need to learn about proper tea etiquette. Learn how to hold your cup properly, use your thumb and index finger to hold the top of the handle, while the middle finger supports the bottom. If you are wearing lipstick make sure to sip from just one spot so the lipstick stain wouldn't cover the cup. When drinking coffee, the protocol is to loop your index finger through the handle, make sure that there are no pinkies out to avoid looking too pretentious.

Food & Dining Etiquette for the Royals

If you are one of the privileged few who wine and dine with Kings and Queens, you need to know how to put thought into how you cut your food. Make sure to hold your knives using the right hand, and forks in the left. Do not stab your food, instead of balance the food on your fork and then bring it to your mouth.

Avoid Making a Fuss When Going to the Restroom During a Meal

Avoid making too much of a fuss, just say " Excuse Me", and leave it at that, no need to explain that you are going to the toilet. When dining out in prestigious restaurants and hotels where the elite hang out, cross the utensils so wait staff knows that you are still going to resume eating. When finished eating, place your utensils at an angle, put the handles at the bottom right of the plate.

Use the Stairs With Grace

Always use the stairs with grace and style, learn to use the staircase to your advantage. During the 17th century, descending the staircase is a classic way of introducing yourself well to the room. Although we are already living in modern times, some things don't change and still look pleasing. Men in the royal family always put their hand out to help their spouses go down a flight of stairs, especially at formal events. While women keep their chins parallel to the ground and hands at their sides. If there is a banister, rest your hand on it, rather than grabbing it, and keep your toes pointed toward the railing while walking that way you will look graceful and dignified.

Use your Wine glass Properly

To create an impression that you are Royalty or you have good etiquette. When drinking wine, make sure to hold a wine glass at the stem like Kate Middleton in the photo.

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In doing so, you prevent your body temperature from heating the wine inside, it will also make you look neat and dainty.

8 Words to Avoid When Dining with Elite People in the English Society

If you are going to meet and dine with the most elite people in English society, you should avoid using these words no matter what and save yourself from embarrassment. Avoid using the word toilet, couch, living room, perfume, dad, perfume, pardon, patio and posh.

Thai Royalty and Business Etiquette

Learning to deal with different types of Royals and Elite is something that new tech billionaires had to learn. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have at some point taken business etiquette classes including that of how to properly deal with the British Royalty and some of the most powerful elites in China, Philippines, Korea, Japan and for a good reason.

When in Thailand, make sure to blend in and learn about the proper business protocols and etiquette to avoid offending anyone and to ensure that you will have a great time.

If you can avoid scheduling two meetings per day

The streets of Bangkok is filled with traffic if you can avoid creating two or more meetings per day. Traffic is so bad, but if it is unavoidable make sure to schedule the meeting in one hotel or one restaurant to avoid wasting time. If by any chance you can no longer make it in time, don't be afraid to use boats and MRT transportation to help you get to where you need to be in the fastest way possible.

Do Business Transactions between November and March

Thailand is predominantly Buddhist, except in some parts of the south where many people are Muslim. Most Buddhist holidays are in April and May and most business people go on vacation during these months. Therefore, the best time to do business in Thailand is between November and March.

Avoid Negative Comments About the Country and The King

Remember that you are there to create business and good partnerships, do not waste your time in pointless political tirades and debates. Avoid any negative comments about Thailand, and strive to see the good while inside the country. Avoid making any negative comments about the King and the Royal family members. Do not at all cost insult the King or you can face harsh consequences in business- instead seek to build long lasting relationships. In doing so, you will also avoid facing legal actions against you and your company.

Remove Shoes Before Entering a Thai Home

If invited inside a Thai household, make sure to avoid passing any item using your left hand, and never point with one finger. Also, make sure to remove your shoes before entering a Thai home, the same thing with Temples.

Avoid Public Display of Affection

Public display of affection is still largely frowned upon in many countries in Asia including Thailand. Be discreet and avoid attracting unnecessary attention to yourself.

Meals and Closing Deals

Thai people are very friendly and fun loving people before they engage in serious business relationships, you need to build rapport first. Do not be surprised when they find the need to invite you to many lunch and dinner meetings before they make a decision. Make sure to clear your schedule and have lunch and drinks with them as part of cultivating your business relationships while in Bangkok. Thai people place value on enjoyment or what they would call as kwam sanuk.

Dress code in Thailand

Just like Koreans and Japanese people, appearance is highly regarded by Thai people. Make sure to dress up properly and in a conservative manner. Men should wear dark suits, white shirts, and a tie, while women should wear plain conservative dresses or corporate suits. If you will wear a skirt make sure it is knee-length and preferably longer. Your shoulders should be covered and you should wear the proper shoes, nothing glittery- just wear smart shoes and avoid wearing black stockings as most of the time they only wear them during funerals.

On Business Cards

Make sure to have business cards with you all the time, give them using your right hand. When someone gives you one, read the card and comment on it in a polite manner, say thank you before keeping it in your pocket or wallet.

Avoid Openly Criticizing a Thai in Public

It is very important to avoid openly criticizing someone in Thailand. Be tactful and do so in private if you find that there is a need to do so, but never in front of other people. Avoid creating the wrong impression in public and find a way to be pleasing.

Gift Giving Practice and Etiquette

A Thai don't normally expect a gift from guests when they invite them home, but it is still much appreciated if a visitor takes the time to bring something. Avoid using gift wrappers using black, green and blue as they are used as mourning colors. It would be best to wrap the gift in yellow, gold as they are associated with abundance and royalty. If in case they are of Chinese Thai descent, you should use a red wrapper instead. Gifting flowers and high-quality chocolates, as well as fruits and wine, is ideal, but make sure to avoid flowers like carnations and marigolds as they are associated with deaths.

Japan Code of Conduct and Etiquette

When in Japan, always bring your business card as they are usually crucial and needed during business introductions before the meeting. Bring enough business cards during your entire trip to Japan. Make sure that the business card holder is out, and the cards that you are giving away is easy to pull out. Stand up and face the other person when giving your business card out. Make sure that the business card is facing the person, so they would be able to read it without the need to rotate the card. Remember to bow slightly while you are saying your name and then present your business card and use both of your hands.

Eating Etiquette

Make sure to clean your hands using the wet towels provided to you art the restaurant. Also make sure to wait until everyone's meal is already on the table before you start eating your meal to remain polite, Say " Itadakimasu" a phrase which means I gratefully receive. When you are eating using small bowls, pick up the bowl with your hand and lead it close to your mouth before eating. But for larger types of dishes, avoid picking it up and use your chopsticks instead and pick the food up. It is also customary to serve each other rather than pour your own drinks when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Check the cups of your friends every now and then and refill them whenever they are near empty.

South Korea Business Etiquette

South Korea is deemed as the land of good etiquette. They have very strict protocols when it comes to greetings. For one, you should avoid waving your hand when you just met someone, this is deemed disrespectful and too casual in business environments.

Who Initiates the Handshake?

In business meetings, the person with higher status or older will be the one to initiate the handshake, you should take the handshake with both hands, this is the perfect blend of Asian and Western culture greetings. Also, most Korean women, are rarely expected to offer a handshake to a Western man, usually they offer a standard bow instead.

In Korea, make sure to wait to be introduced by a third party in a social gathering. Avoid patting or touching someone in the shoulder if you just met them especially if they are older than you it will be seen as super rude.

Do not bow in silence make sure to say the phrase Hello or an-nyeong-ha-se-yo! while doing the bow. Avoid bowing too slow or too fast, do it in a balanced manner.

When in Korea, make sure your business card contains all the necessary information. Put in your name, title and position and make sure that it is clearly written.

Avoid Calling People By their Name

If you have just met that person in Korean, it is very rude to call them by their first name. Make sure to use their last name instead. If they have a job title make sure to always add that in like the Atty. or Doctor phrase for example, always make sure to include the Mr. or the Ms or Mrs. as part of your greeting.

Dealing with Elite Clients and Business Etiquette in the Philippines

When scheduling for a meeting in the Philippines, it is normal to schedule and make arrangements one month ahead of time. Top Executives in the Philippines need ample time to schedule you in their meeting, although a lot of executives and managers are accessible online, it doesn't mean they can meet you whenever you like it. As a professional courtesy ask for their preferred time and date and make sure to send an email or polite text message in advance to clarify the date, venue and time of the meeting.

Manuel L. Quezon poses with Marlene Dietrich on the set of “The Devil Is a Woman.” Source:

Always make sure to call in advance and schedule, also clarify the objective of the meeting, do not directly assume that the other would know the topic you have in mind.

A Filipino company would most likely still treat you as a newcomer if you only met them 3 times or less. In the Philippines, be aware that there is a chance you might not get a business card in return if your rank is not higher than the Filipino recipient. When you are in a meeting with Filipino businessmen, make sure to know the rank and title of the person you are talking to and act accordingly, if they are a CEO or Chairman make sure to stand and give respect upon their arrival. Failure to do so can mean the cancellation of the entire deal itself.

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Just like in Thailand, avoid making political comments and tirades that are unnecessary. The Filipinos are very emotional when it comes to Philippine politics, best avoid mentioning the political state of things if it is not necessary to your business goals.

Dining Etiquette

During a business meeting, if you are offered food and light refreshments, make sure to accept politely even if you have just eaten. Never offend the host by declining especially inside Filipino homes and mansions, This is because the food has been prepared in advance and much care and attention have been put into it by the household.

Gift- Giving

If you cannot present a good gift, avoid giving gifts at all. You need to think things through when presenting a gift, it would become a reflection of you in major business meetings especially if you are dealing with a CEO or a very Elite person. The gift has to be expensive, or has to look like it, it will be a reflection of you and your company so make sure that you will be perceived as generous. Most elite businesses and top Executives get their gifts from online delivery services like Alta Gift Basket.

Alta Gift Basket is Manila’s classic European-Filipino-inspired finest gourmet chocolate & wine delivered in style to corporate executives from top corporations of Metro Manila, wealthy entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, and members of the opulent Manila High Society.

In the Philippines, the more opulent and luxurious the gift the better.

Dealing with High-Ranking Philippine Government Officials

Government officials should be treated with respect and addressed with their formal titles like Secretary, Senator or Congressman.

In the Philippines, it is not uncommon to complete business deals over a round of golf or while attending an event. And the one who has invited you over is the one who is going to pay for the meal.

Influential Networks

In the Philippines, is more important to invest in meeting networks and improving your relationship and friendship. Personal contacts or who you know can be crucial to your success. Most Filipinos will trust their own friends and family members- they are going to take you seriously if you are introduced by someone they know or someone famous, rich or with good standing in the community.

Filipinos deal with people not with companies, so make sure to know as many valuable allies and contacts as possible. One right person can help you enter elite meetings and events that would help you find the right kind of investors.

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Filipinos would listen to the highest ranking person in the room or someone with the highest status in the room.

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