The Hotel Industry, Robots and Artificial Intelligence in 2034

20 years ago people go to hotels out of necessity, we simply need a place to sleep and take a quick shower before an important business transaction or event. Today, there are different kinds of hotels that people look for, and traditional hotel services and amenities is no longer enough. As more information is flowing in, the modern hotel client wants upgraded services, creative designs, new experiences. In the near future, people would rate hotels differently, they would expect additional services that traditional hotels cannot provide and Artificial Intelligence and Robots would play an immense role in ushering in a new level of service. Hotels with purely human touch could become a thing of the past because of these technological advancements as more hotels would integrate technology that will allow users to procure keys using new systems using robots or via voice control system.

The hospitality industry is going to change immensely, people would want to make the experience unique and introduction of robots will provide new avenues of experience for people who are looking for something fast, convenient and new.

The future hotels will have more screens that welcome the name of clients walking in, making the experience personalized or customized. Robots are going to greet the clients in the hotel lobby, and booking transactions would simply be done using mobile phones. The hotel industry is finding ways to make the hotel experience faster and more convenient, and one of the first things that would be revolutionized is the check-in process. We would see more hotels using facial recognition and the room key would simply be digitally downloaded inside the mobile phone.

A hotel shower of the future

Some high end luxury hotels are fond of putting glass walls in bathrooms, but while they are pretty some people do not want this feature because it can make them feel awkward. Future hotels are going to make use of different design conundrums with the help of artificial intelligence using digital shower walls. Glass walls could turn opaque and would contain personalized imagery making the hotel stay interesting and unique.

The Future of Hotel Industry is About Personal Touch

Artificially intelligent room controls

Modern clients want to heighten the concierge experience, and technology would make it easier for hotels to do this. In the future, hotels will allow clients to order room service without picking the phone. This is due to the fact that the phones could be tweaked to sync in with in-room technology. Guests can perform all activities using just their phone. They can face time, watch television, do streaming activities and order food without the hassle of using hotel phones and waiting for the hotel receptionist to accept the order. Everything will become integrated reducing the mistakes and increasing time efficiency. The owner and director of Eccleston Square Hotel in London are eyeing on these changes. A hotel industry revolution will take place and this will change the way see experience hotels. Guests will now be able to order food using dining apps, and select the music and ambiance of the hotel according to their preference.

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Emphasis on Minimalist Designs

Glass TVs in future hotels

According to the luxury hotel experts of Moola Forum luxury hotels of the future will begin focusing on minimalism, making it a top priority. Plugs and sockets will probably go completely, and the trend will continue towards hidden or invisible technology says Jo Littlefair, co-founder and director of interior design studio Goddard Littlefair.

TV screens and shows depicted inside hotel rooms would also be pre-programmed according to the taste of the guest removing the need to feel frustrated over the TV shows and movies that you don't understand or care nothing about while you are inside your hotel room. Future hotels would personalize everything, making the experience top notch.

Hot and Cold Shower By Demand

A shower with temperature activated by touch.

Artificial intelligence will boost and upgrade everything. Modern hotels will no longer rely on traditional ways to provide hot and cold shower. Guests would be able to control the temperature using future innovations. Any time of the day, the guest can select their preferred water temperature using digital technology boards. This technology would allow optimal shower temperature from the body of the person taking a shower and adjust it accordingly. with just a touch of a finger.

Artificial Intelligence and Voice Controlled Functions

Artificial intelligence will redefine what High Quality service means. Guests who order bottled water for example from the in-room menu will no longer need to call the reception, a simple Hi or Hello to the in house concierge built inside the room would do the trick. It's like having your very own butler inside the room. A built-in service robot would perform all functions that guests need saving guest a lot of time. If you need to draw the blind a robot will do this for you. You can just push a button or select options and extra towels would immediately be delivered to you. Robots could even be timed so it would know when to shut down the lights so you can get much needed rest.

Some hotels in Japan already have robot receptionists like the one in Henn-na Hotel in Ginza Tokyo. It is given the ability to smile and blink, it is able to speak in Japanese and English making it easy for foreign guests. Hotels with Robot as staff seemed to gain positive comments due to the fact that the hotels serviced by robots are offered at cheaper rates compared with modern Japanese business hotels serviced by humans. Robot hotels in Japan also have high-tech features including smart phone operation for air conditioning lights, television and room entry. Guests use the same phone throughout the entire duration of their stay and it contains free data and free international phone calls. Additional amenities include robotic stem press for removing wrinkles and odors from the business suits. There is also an impressive built in pre-paid machine for alcoholic beverages.

Hotel owners are enthusiastic about the results and decided to build more hotels with robot servers. They say that these robots work hard, don't require a break and never get moody. Guest are said to be happy as well with the efficiency and accuracy of the service, plus there is no need to tip since most of the hotel staff are already robots.


Other Asian countries are expected to follow suit, while countries like the Philippines has yet to announce a hotel with robots new expansions and designs as well as upgrades are now being set in place by hotel chains in preparation for the future- the modern hotel clients will look for something refreshing, new and the hotel that offers the most convenient type of service.

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