Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists
Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists or Venture Capital Firms invest in businesses that have a sizable or rapid-growing customer base with a revenue strategy in clear sight. Of the three levels and categories of investors, this is the second level of investors.

Venture Capitalists invest from US$5,000,000 to US$99,000,000. They invest common equity, preferred shares, and convertible debt securities in companies. Their focus is on equity upside, so even if they invest in a convertible debt security, their goal is to eventually own equity.

Venture Capitalists are often a mix of entrepreneurs and ex-investment bankers or other types of finance professionals.

Venture Capitalists take risk and expect high risk and moderate chance of losing all money.

On average, later stage VC returns may be up to 10x (fewer of them go to zero).

Venture Capitalists are focused on who the founders are, but usually by this stage, more concrete metrics are available to consider, such as revenue run rate, average revenue per user, customer lifetime value, margins, etc.

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