Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Fashion Luxury Designers?

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is inevitable, however there are a lot of misconceptions about intelligent machines and the purpose why they are created. This is why a lot of educational institutions are now studying the impact and use of AI robots with various industries including the Fashion and Luxury Industry. Fashion schools in Europe and the United States are already in collaboration with AI companies like IBM to prepare the next generation of fashion designers.

Is Artificial intelligence something that fashion designers should be worried about? Will it replace jobs, or is it something that could improve the way we design and fashion modern day clothing? The answer is a resounding No.

Artificial intelligence and robots will not replace the jobs of fashion designers instead the creative industry will thrive in the age of the AI.

Authenticity and creativity will be the most marketable types of skills in the future this is why there is no need to worry. The more unique and complex your design the higher your command fee will be. Artificial intelligence robots would instead become the ultimate assistants of fashion designers.

Artificial intelligence is not something that fashion designers should be worried about, in fact it is currently theorized that AI will help us create better and hyper targeted fashion brands especially in the luxury industry.

AI Robots are Beginning to Understand the Essence of Design

AI robots have the ability to digest a huge amount of data and information, it is loaded with details regarding human creativity- our modern computers now understand the fundamental essence of a chair according to Kowalski- because of this AI robots can now assist humans in the creation process and that includes luxury bags, luxury dresses, luxury jewelry and even luxury cars.

Traditional fashion designers had to do their work using unstructured information, but Future Fashion and Dress designers will be using the aid, support and intelligent of Artificial intelligence. It will automate and cut down the need for doing unnecessary process in the creation process and the wonderful thing about this is that humans would be able to use them across multiple devices.

Fashion Designers of the future will rely heavily on AI robots when it comes to the declutter process of creating new fashion items. AI intelligence will remove redundant tasks and help improve the focus of fashion luxury designers. Humans will begin using AI to create better fashion brands in the future.

Fashion Luxury Brands Invest Heavily on Artificial Intelligence

Top Luxury Fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton are now investing heavily on AI. A lot of luxury brands are already working with expert online strategists to devise a plan on how their brands can transition online. The use of tool sets like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Echo, the use of chatbots and Machine Learning is now becoming a huge thing. AI robots need to be seen as assistants, aid to the creative industry to remove tasks that are not longer needed so fashion designers can create better designs. When all the unnecessary tasks are removed artists and creatives can focus on creating unbelievable designs. AI robots will usher in the new stage of creativity, fashion designers would be challenged to dream and create deeper and more complex designs. AI intelligence will create high performing fashion designers and creatives- it will push us to become better designers.

Top Fashion schools like the New York Fashion Institute of Technology is already incorporating AI machines in their design process. Students are now using Infor Design and Tech Labs to enhance their design. Fashion designers are now encouraged to work with scientists and tech experts to produce AI and new forms of design. AI robots are able to process millions of images that aid the student with their research. Artificial intelligence predicts the trends and helps student stay updated so they can adapt quickly and innovate their designs. The collaboration has been positive so far according to the school administrators. AI and fashion designers are breaking down expectations and are now developing totally new and evolved designs.

The Luxury Fashion industry is embracing Artificial intelligence, some fashion schools have already worked with Neue a company that has developed a chip like kind of sensor that could process and control electro-luminescent fabric. AI robots are now being used by top luxury fashion schools and brands to design innovative garments and accessories and some of these products were already showcased at Harper's Bazaar Icon event.

The future designers will work with deep programming and electronics and most of the students who sewed clothes before were instead soldering. AI intelligence is changing the way humans devise clothes and putting it on the next level. AI Machines are used by fashion designers to predict colors and inform the progress of the design process. Other AI machines focused on studying the reaction on social media trends as well as the supply and demand of certain fashion luxury items.

Social media trends and social media information is helping AI robots understand the taste and trends that humans prefer. The AI robots are designed to be responsive to marketplaces. K-pop for example is influencing the purchases of people in Thailand, China and the Philippines. A lot of social media influencers are being tapped for these kinds of projects making the influencer marketing even more valuable. Big social media influencer marketing platforms like Sothyal.com is now being tapped by major companies in Asia to find the best social media influencers to work with.

“It’s all about experiential education and guided learning, because the trends are merging so fast and the technology is emerging so fast” – Michael Ferraro 


Artificial Intelligence is not going away, being negative about it won't change its progress. The only way we can understand it, is to start integrating it and understanding how we can best take advantage of these new systems. Humans will need to understand how to integrate AI machines and robots into their company. The creative industry should not see AI robots as an enemy, rather a collaborative force. It is with the hopes that AI robots will also help humans design clothes that will last longer, and more environment friendly while improving products and creating compelling shopping experiences.

Artificial intelligence will augment the human thinking process and make it more efficient. It will strip away the mundane tasks, it will automate and elevate human thinking by challenging designers, brands, merchants, marketers etc. AI robots will challenge humans to create higher value decision making while powering productivity and creativity.

E-commerce giant Amazon is already launching its first clothing designer that is powered by AI, it will make use of powerful algorithms that will develop and analyze images so it can replicate popular styles. Indian designers like Shane and Falguni Peacock are also using AI to analyze 600,000 images of couture and international fashion runways so they can better map out the future of Bollywood fashion.

Farfetch Store's is one of the future fashion stores- they are the first to conceptualize feature tools that will soon be able to perform automatic customer recognition once the shopper enters the store, or the e-commerce site. The AI machines that they are developing would be able to track customers preference and also allow boosting of inventory management and include digital mirrors that allow customers to compare combination and range of sizes, colors and styles of clothes during their visit making the shopping experience even more rewarding.

Just imagine walking inside a luxury fashion store and being able to find the clothes that will fit and look good on you in just a matter of seconds? Gone are the days when you need to waste your time on getting frustrated, get form -fitting clothes with the right colors that will enhance your physical features.

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